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$500K Free Slots Tournament

There are three simple steps to getting set up to enter to tournament. The first step is to download the casino slots software from either "All Slots" or "All Jackpot Casino" gaming sites. These two casino sites will be hosting the WorldSeries of Slots competition. Players must create a real money account user name and password in case real money is won. US players are allowed by the Jackpot Factory casino group so US players can play in this free tournament as well.

The second step is when the fun starts. Players will get a chance to participate in the slots tournament for free everyday through November 10th, 2008. The third step happens in November of the final round of the tournament. If a player is unable to win a free entry into the main event, they can buy directly into the $200K finale for $100. This tournament is the World Series of slots!

Tournament daily semi-final events

Players will be playing slots every day for a chance to win free tickets into the final. Each day, 50 people will win a ticket. To be reminded, players can play for these tickets for free, there is no buy in or entry costs to play in the semi-final rounds before the main slots tournament round.

$500K slots tournament final round and free cash prizes

On November 7th, the final round of the tournament will begin. Players who have won a free ticket can automatically play. Players who have not qualified because of not winning a ticket in the semi-final rounds can also participate, but must pay a $100 buy-in fee to directly enter the final round.

There are many prizes and the Top 200 finishers will share the $200,000 prize pool 200 people are going to win something more than $100. In fact, 200 players will win a prize of at least $100. Third place will win a prize of $10,000. Second place will win the $25,000 prize and finally, the First place winner of the free slots tournament will win $100,000. The total prize pool in this tourney will be $500,000 and many people will win a lot of real cash. That's all there is to it!

All Slots $5000 match bonus on deposit

Since players must create a real money account for this tournament anyways, lol slots decided to offer the $5k welcome bonus in case any visitors are planning on depositing money outside of the tournament. This is a match bonus on your deposits up to $5000 total, and it may last a long time. If interested, click on the banner to be taken to the promotional landing page to learn more about this bonus. The slots tournament is still offered to anyone whether they deposit money or not, as long as a real money account is activated so that any winnings may be withdrawal easily! One last mentioning, US players are welcome into this slots tournament!

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