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Slot Machine Clubs and Comps Programs

Usually when a player joins the slots club, you will be given some magnetic swipe card or a similar device that can be used in slot machines. This is a huge benefit if you are playing at a land based casino and like playing slots. If you really like to play slots, then I suggest asking about this neat program.

Slots Comps Program - Players Loyalty Club

The kinds of comps you can actually get are quite surprising. Some casinos can give back 50% or half of your losses for club members. It works when the player uses their swipe card while playing. Basically it's similar to a credit card and you stick this into the slot while you are playing and it keeps track of how many spins you are taking and your bets. The computers then accumulate your comps points.

The comps program is also a loyalty club. Sometimes you get more money returned to you depending on how long you've played at a certain casino. Some slots players even get free money on their birthday or during promotions if they are signed up for this club. Casinos make a huge profit by having loyal customers playing so everyone is winning. Players get to play at the slot machine longer and have more fun.

Many casinos let you use these slots cards for video poker and other games as well. The players club use to only be for table games about 30 years ago, but the casino made more money with slot machines because they were becoming much more popular than any of the other games. Many people keep playing slots until they either win the jackpot or lose everything. So casinos wanted to keep them around longer and keep the players happy, much like a VIP program.

Speaking of VIP programs, there are high rollers who also play high stakes slot games. Some of their comps may include vacations or other "VIP" rewards.

Besides getting some cash back, players can earn comp points by playing slot machines and then exchange them for other rewards. For example, players with enough comps can get dicounts at hotels and resorts or local entertainment. Other rewards can include free hotel room, free airfare, free meals and other discounts for restaurants and gifts.

Swipe Cards - Rewards Programs

Casinos are very competitive with other casino businesses. Therefore they may be offering some very exotic and lucrative slots club programs or comps rewards. Always remember to bring your swipe card with you and plug it into the slot machine in order to collect your comp points. The more frequently you play the more credits you can earn for rewards.

Remember that if you are a loyal customer, you may be put in higher levels of the slots club. Older customers may get a larger portion of their money back than newer ones. Or the really loyal slots players may get 2 comps points instead of 1 and this ratio may change for different levels. Normally you can sign up for these programs for free and it only takes a few minutes. So sometimes it's smart signing up for a program at every casino and then saving the cards for when you go back to them later.

You can also join an online slots clubs when you play at online casinos. These points add up automatically as you play and they can be exchanged for free casino and other prizes. Almost every internet slots casino has this type of program and many of them have higher loyalty levels where you can earn more than normal.

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