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Other Websites and Resources

This page shows a list of other casino slot machine related websites and portals. We try to keep the content here limited to sites specifically related to slots games. We also try to list sites of higher quality. If you could not find what you were looking for on our site, check out some of these sites below.

Other Casino Slots Sites

  • Free Slots - This is a pretty cool site that allows people to sign up and play free slot machine games over the internet. When players win enough money, they can buy tickets and submit them into weekly drawings where 5 people win $500 and 10 people win $250.

  • Slots Guide - A trusted resource exclusively dedicated to slot machines and video slots at Contains a general list of many various articles and guides related to casino slots and video poker.

  • Wizard of Odds - A guide from the Wizard of Odds related to slot machines, including odds, probabilities and statistics of course.

  • Wikipedia Slot Machine Page - Learn the encyclopedia facts of slot machines. Even though most of the authoritative facts about slot machines can already be found on our site, Wikipedia is always a great place to explore and discover new things!

Slots Directories

If you are not satisfied with the sites listed above, check out some of these popular directories below. They usually list only the highest quality sites with the most useful information. They are huge directories but I added links specifically to the slot machine gaming websites categories:

  • DMOZ Slots Directory - This is kind of a small category with other portals related to internet slot machine games but there are some useful sub-categories that you can browse through to find additional information.

  • BOTW Slots Gambling Directory - BOTW (Best of the Web) contains a fairly large and current directory of slot machine gambling websites.

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