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More Tricks and Tips for Playing Slot Machines

People who play slot machines on a regular basis agree that there are a few common-sense techniques for increasing your take. Here are ten tricks and tips from players in the know:

• Start with low-denomination machines like penny and nickel machines. Doing so will give you time to study the machines without losing your stake quickly.

• Pick a slot machine with three reels rather than four. It might seem that you would increase your chances with four reels, but in fact, the odds are just the opposite. You decrease your odds by millions when you play on a four-reel machine.

• Slot machines in high-traffic areas are likely to pay out more often. While slot machines are programmed to pay out randomly, some are programmed more "loosely" than others. Choosing a machine in a more visible part of the casino—on the edges of aisles or near the door—is more likely to garner you a "loose" machine.

• Avoid slot machines in places like bus stations and airports. These machines are much less likely to pay off because potential players don't stay long enough to witness a string of losers. These machines are programmed tightly—they don't pay as often as the machines where players hang around for several hours.

• Play the slot machines with small jackpots. Megabucks Jackpots that offer millions for a lucky spin seem attractive, but you'll have to spend more to make that payout. Slot machines with small jackpots usually pay out that jackpot frequently.

• For bigger payouts, play the maximum number of coins you can play on each turn. Some machines pay 1,000 coins for betting one coin, but they pay 5,000 coins for betting three coins. A three-coin bet is one way to increase your final take.

• Bring a set amount of money and quit when it's gone. You may not go home a big winner every time, but you can avoid being a big loser if you will use a disciplined approach. If you bring $100 to play in the slots, quit when that money is gone. Don't pull out your debit card or credit cards to finance another round of play. If you win a big jackpot, remove your original $100 plus a profit and put that away. You can continue playing on your winnings without touching your original stake.

• Take a breather now and again. Some players advise separating your money and playing in sessions of an hour or so. If you do this, divide your original stake into coins for each session. Other players suggest taking a break after a big win. Players can get carried away and gamble away their winnings if they feel they're on a roll.

• Play one machine at a time. Players often "load up" several machines in a row, but the fact is, you're more likely to lose your money faster. Some players believe that if one machine in a row is "loose," the next one will be tight.

• Wear a watch. Losing track of time is one way to lose money.

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